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In a rapidly evolving market, OLAB decided to develop an absolutely original range of fittings made of AL2 aluminium ally with the potential to revolutionize the very concept of plant  engineering. These fittings are mainly intended for sectors where the weight, associated with superior mechanical characteristics of each component, is of fundamental importance.

After a long period of research and study in close collaboration with some leading companies specialized in hot forging and surface treatment, OLAB succeeded in developing a special aluminium alloy called AL2 that is used to make patented fittings in the 1000A, which combines the high performance of the traditional brass and stainless steel 1000 series and the light weight of aluminium, giving an average weight saving of 65% compared to steel and 68% compared to brass. In order to guarantee maximum corrosion resistance due to exposure to atmospheric agents, OLAB also designed and developed a special anodic oxidation surface treatment dubbed PA20, which coats the surface of the item with a thin layer of oxide that protects the material underneath an considerably increases the life of the fitting.

  • Suitable for use in severe environmental conditions requiring weight reduction
  • Considerable saving in terms of weight
  • High standard of safety guaranteed
  • Guaranteed system serviceability
  • Very easy assembly
  • Low-cost and rapid assembly
  • Good vibration resistance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Can be used with non-calibrated pipes
  1. Pipe
  2. Nut
  3. Cut tapered ring (BCL)
  4. Compression Ring (washer)
  5. O-Ring
  6. Supporting sleeve (optional)
  7. External O-Ring
  8. Fitting body

Hi-Quality Fittings 1000 SERIES


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