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Series 1600 fittings by OLAB lock unthreaded rigid pipes by means of bicone rings with a pipe contact surface in accordance with CEI standards.

The body of the fitting contains a spring ring that allows the fitting to slide along the pipe by axial thrust, speeding up disassembly for maintenance operations.

Series 1600 fittings have a gas taper male thread in accordance with DIN 3858 – UNI EN 10226 and a parallel gas thread in accordance with DIN 228 – UNI 338.

  • Suitable for use with pipes which provide mechanical protection for the power cables
  • Extremely lightweight
  • A high standard of safety guaranteed thanks to the bicone pipe-retaining cut tapered ring
  • The use of series 1600 cable gland fittings gives the system added safety and ensures mechanical protection in accordance with ATEX directive ( EU directives 94/9/CE and 99/92/CE )


  1. Nut
  2. Ogive
  3. Body
  4. Elastic ring

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