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OLAB series 900 Bi-Block fittings have the same body and internal components as the 1000 series and are entirely designed and manufactured in –house, which means that each production stage is controlled directly-the decision to use brass or stainless steel blanks, the design of the tools and equipment used in machining, and final testing – and be customized as required.

OLAB series 900 Bi-Block fittings are designed for use in pneumatic and hydraulic systems where, as with series 1000, tightness is dependent on an O-ring and washer, and mechanical retention of the pipe is dependent on two separate components:

  • A cut tapered ring (BCL)
  • A tie built into the nut, with the two Allen screws

This type of fitting has the same tightness properties as the 1000 series but guarantees better performance in terms of:

  • Pipe retention force
  • Rigidity of the joint

When the Bi-Block nut is screwed on to the body of the fitting, the conical seat of the cut tapered ring causes it to compress round the pipe and lock it completely. The tie at the back of the nut ensures the mechanical continuity of the joint and prevents axial offset.

  • Swivel double locking to prevent pipe pull-out, consisting of a tie and two Allen screws
  • Significant increase in the operating pressure compared to series 1000
  • Guaranteed system serviceability
  • Very high standard of safety guaranteed
  • Guaranteed system serviceability
  • Very easy assembly
  • Low-cost and rapid assembly
  • Excellent vibration resistance
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Can be used with non-calibrated pipes
900 Components BI-BLOCK
  1. Pipe
  2. Socket head screw UNI5931
  3. Tie
  4. Nut with tie
  5. Cut tapered ring (BCL)
  6. Washer
  7. O-ring
  8. Supporting sleeve (optional)
  9. Body

Hi-Quality Fittings 900 SERIES

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