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swivelling modular flow controls made
up of 58 nickel-plated brass
  • Push-in swivelling flow controls
  • Pipe usable:
    PA6, PA11, PA10.12, PA12, PTFE, Polyethylene, Polyurethan
  • Available in :
    Ø4mm – Ø6mm – Ø 8mm – Ø10mm – Ø12mm
  • ISO228 (BSPP) gas cylindrical threads or universal male usable to screw the fitting on BSPT female threads or on the NPTF female threads
  • Available for the cylinder ( C), for the valve (V) and bidirectionals (B)
  • Manual control or screwdriver
  • High precision of the pressure adjustment
  • Pneumatic
  1. TN-UNI EN12164-CW614N nickel-plated brass bar
  2. TN-UNI EN12164-CW614N brass adjusting needle
  3. TN-UNI EN12164-CW614N brass bush
  4. Lips gasket and NBR O-Ring
  5. Nylon washers
  6. TN-UNI EN12164-CW614N brass knob
  7. TN-UNI EN12164-CW614N brass fixing ring nut needle (nickel-plated)
  1. ST-UNI EN12165-CW617N brass body banjo
  2. NBR sealing O-Ring
  3. Bearing bush for elastic plastic washer
  4. Stainless steel elastic washer
  5. Plastic coining ring nut
  6. Plastic release sleeve



Pneumatic Fittings Flow Controls

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