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14000 SERIES

self-priming vibration pumps

  • Vibration electro-pump
  • Self-priming
  • 22mm coil with Ø10.3mm sleeve hole
  • usable fluids: water and not-corrosive fluids, with density similar to water
  • installation: in all positions


CA05.01697 IMQ vibration pumps 14000

  • condensate water relief
  • little reservoir relief for low pressure
  1. brass body TN-UNI EN12165-CW614N
  2. brass sleeve TN-UNI EN12165-CW614N
  3. stainless steel piston
  4. stainless steel fixed core
  5. sealing gasket fixed core made of PTFE
  6. POM anti-adhesion bush (PTFE with FKM gaskets)
  7. stainless steel springs
  8. lip gasket  (NBR or FKM)3
  9. sealing O-Rings (NBR or FKM)
  10. sealing little head (silicone or FKM)
  11. coil thermal class H
pumps self priming

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