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  • We assess the quality of our work jointly with our customers

    We assess


    jointly with our customers

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    is a masterpiece of PERFECTION

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    applied to YOUR projects

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  • We consider EVERY PROJECT  a STIMULATING challenge

    we consider EVERY PROJECT

    a STIMULATING challenge

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Cesare Bottura founded OLAB in 1988, so we have 26 years experience on the job.

Our story commenced over 40 years ago and is characterised by hard work, rigorous commitment and reliability, of which we are justly proud.

One of the mottos identifying the spirit that permeates our work is “innovation and continuity”. We are perfectly aware that our success today is the result of that extraordinary professional heritage.

This is why we proudly want to tell the world that our business is still run by the same family, and our story, our wealth of knowledge, is always put to good use in developing our customers’ projects.


The future does not frighten us. It excites us in fact.
Which is probably why we have always worked for tomorrow.
We firmly believe in research combined with creativity, technology blended with imagination.

We love going beyond the limits and are convinced that the future can be built step by step, brick by brick, in a skilful, honest and determined way.
That’s why our R&D department is involved every day in identifying innovative solutions, creating smart, efficient and versatile systems that are also safe, durable and cost-effective.

Our customers are at the heart of each choice we make, each activity we perform, the real driving force that encourages us to find increasingly new solutions.
This is why we regularly make major changes to our business policy and organisation.

This is why we keep investing in technology.

This is why we upgrade our fleet of machines, some specifically designed to make products of excellence that can play and win a decisive game in international markets.

No, the future does not fill us with dread.




We have one ambition – to establish customer relations that are not merely of a commercial nature. We firmly believe that mutual trust, transparency, collaboration, professional integrity and credibility are timeless values.

We are convinced that each new project is an interesting challenge as it provides the opportunity for creating together something absolutely new. We strongly believe in  customer partnership, in teamwork, in developing projects by exploiting common resources.

For us at OLAB, customer satisfaction  has never been a mere slogan, it reflects our very approach to our work. In over a quarter century of activity we have always focused on total quality, safety guaranteed through time, technical excellence,  competitive prices and maximum project customisation. This would probably be more than enough for some people. But not for us.

For OLAB, customer care is not a void concept. It means total support for those who have placed their trust in us. The ability to anticipate needs and requirements, to bring the future closer.





"A single falling tree makes more noise than a whole forest growing". Long ago we adopted this saying by an ancient Chinese philosopher. We are convinced that sustainable development, conscious growth and responsible change cannot be achieved by a single noisy, striking gesture, but rather by silent and meaningful daily choices.
We believe in the forest. We are that forest.

For us at OLAB,  Corporate Social Responsibility is not merely a set of rules to follow and legal requirements to  comply with. It is constant commitment, with the utmost transparency, that hallmarks our activity and role in the world. It is the willingness to pursue sustainability in our daily lives at an economic, social and environmental level.
We are working to improve ourselves because we want to improve the world.
We invest in our future because we care about the future of the world.

We are not alone in this.
We have chosen to involve all our stakeholders in the challenges we are facing, thereby helping to trigger a virtuous circle of development.
"Become the change you want to see," exhorted Mahatma Gandhi.
And we at OLAB bear this in mind every day.




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