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37000 SERIES
According to the standard requirements the 37000 series ball valves are provided with a metal protection cap that can be secured with a lead-sealed wire, if necessary, in order to prevent any unauthorized operations. To operate the valve you must remove the cap using the suitable tool. For the activation of the valve you need a second tool. The metal protection cap, fitted with a sealing gasket, is designed to operate in the same conditions as the valve and therefore can ensure a perfect seal even when the two gaskets mounted on the operating rod may be accidentally deteriorated.
With ODF connection
37000 series ball valves are designed in accordance with the requirements of EN12284:2004 and EN378-1:2012 for installation on refrigeration and air-conditioning systems for civil and industrial use to allow intermittent disconnection of sections of the refrigerating circuit.
They have the following operating features:
  • Temperature range from -40°F to 302°F
  • Maximum pressure PS=652 psi
They can be used with all refrigerants listed in Annex E of EN 378-1:2008 belonging to the class A1 (fluids classified as group II according to art.9, point 2.2 of Directive 97/23/CE). Among the refrigerants allowed by the standard, including non-toxic and non-explosive ones, those that currently can be found in refrigerating systems are: R12 - R22- R134A - R404A - R407C - R41OA - R502 – R507
  1. Brass body ST-UNI EN12165-CW617N
  2. Brass sleeve ST-UNI EN12165-CW617N or TN-UNI EN12164-CW614N
  3. Ball made of chrome-plated brass ST-UNI EN12165-CW617N or TN-UNI EN12164-CW614N
  4. Seat made of PTFE
  5. Stainless steel stem
  6. Pin retainer for stainless steel stem
  7. Sealing pin O-Ring made of HNBR
  8. Brass protection cap ST-UNI EN12165-CW617N
  9. Sealing cup O-Ring made of neoprene
  10. Brass pipe UNI-EN12735/1 with ODF pocket

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